Facilities - Emergency Room (ER)

  • Our emergency Service is staffed round-the-clock with a team of highly skilled physicians, nurses and support staff specially trained in the emergency treatment of adults, children and infants.
  • The Emergency room of AIH has been an integral part of the Hospital.
  • ER team follows special ER protocols to deal with every possible Emergency situation such as Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation etc.

  • ER Facilities

  • Sterilized Trays for special ER. procedures.
  • ECG.
  • Central Oxygen.
  • Stand by Oxygen.
  • Central Suction.
  • Stand by Suction.
  • Nursing Counter.
  • ER Medicine Trays.
  • Defibrillator.
  • Cardiac Monitors.
  • ECG Machines.
  • Nebulizer.
  • Ambo bags.
  • Gluco-meters.
  • Disposable surgical items.

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