Our Services - X-Ray

  • X-ray machines are used to take pictures of dense tissues such as bones and teeth. As bones absorb the radiation more than the less dense soft tissue. X-rays from a source pass through the body and onto a photographic cassette. Areas where radiation is absorbed show up as lighter shades of grey (closer to white). This can be used to diagnose broken or fractured bones. In fluoroscopy, imaging of the digestive tract is done with the help of a radio contrast agent such as barium sulfate, which is opaque to X-rays.
  • Our X Ray Room consists of:
    • General purpose radiographic room / X Ray.
    • Siemens X Ray machines.
    • Dark Room.
    • Patient waiting area.
  • AIH has a German Siemens X Ray Unit.
  • The X Ray is operated by qualified and experienced Radiographers under the expert supervision of classified Radiologists.

  • Services Offered

    • General Radiography, Chest, Skeletal.
    • Abdomen and other body parts X-ray.
    • Contrast studies of upper and lower Gastro-Intestinal tract.
    • Contrast studies of genitourinary systems (IVPS, Cystograms, hysterosalpingographie etc).
    • Fistulography and Sinnography.
    • Sialography etc.

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